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For 25 years Baby Barns RTA authorised fitters have been committed to the safety of children from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay.

Don't leave your child's safety to chance. For your peace of mind our expert certified fitters can ensure your child restraints are correctly installed and adjusted in our undercover, off-road fitting bays.



Infant Carriers, Capsules, Convertable car seats and booster seats and explanation of their best use and adjustment.


Children's seats for correct fitting and that restraints are in good order.


Includes Capsules and Infant Carriers.


All Safe N Sound car seats purchased at Baby Barn. RTA Authorised modification of NSW registered vehicles for child restraints.

RTA CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED WITH ALL FITTINGS. All required child carseat accessories are stocked.

The Law

Australian law requires all babies and children to be seated in an age and size appropriate restraint for protection till at least age seven or the child has exceeded the seats height indicators. All restraints must meet Australian Safety Standards.

Please feel free to call for advice or contact your states road and traffic authority.

TIP 1: Choosing The Appropriate Seat For Your Child's Needs 

The first step to ensuring a properly fitted car seat is choosing the right size for your child. This means selecting a car seat that is appropriate for your child’s age and height and that conforms to Australian safety standards.

You should follow the national safety road laws and manufacturer’s instructions on which car seat to use and keep using the car seat for as long as possible as the safest transport option.

A common mistake parents make is progressing to the next type of car seat based on age rather than height.  Size of a child can vary and not all 4 years olds are the same size.  Children should fit within the shoulder height marker advice for the specific model of car seat they are using.

Children require different types of car seats as they grow and each state in Australia requires children up to 7 years to be restrained in an appropriate restraint.

Age should be used as a guide only:

  • Children under the age of six months must use a rear facing car seat
  • Children aged six months to four years can use either a rear facing car seat or a forward facing car seat.
  • Children aged four years to approximately seven years must travel in a forward facing car seat or booster seat.

TIP 2: Consider The Height Of The Child

In addition to using age as a guide, current car seats feature a shoulder height marker which dictates use. 

Your child should remain in a rear facing seat or position until their shoulder is in-line or above the forward facing height marker. 

Your child should remain in a forward facing seat until their shoulder height is above the upper shoulder height marker.

The RTA Authorised Fitting Stations programme is a longstanding NSW government initiative run by MOBILITY ENGINEERING. Fitters must pass a course and testing to achieve their Authorised Fitter Certificate and must be attached to a Fitting Station.


$29 with further fittings at the same time an additional $20 per fitting.

Re-fitting for seats that we have previously fitted $15.

2x Saturday fittings available either 9.30am or 1.30pm. Fitting fee on Saturdays are $39, Free Fittings do not apply on Saturdays.

Safe N Sound car seats sold at Baby Barn are fitted FREE Monday to Friday BY APPOINTMENT

Bookings essential please call (07) 5524 5407. Fittings are by appointment Monday - Friday.

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